How to Cure Cancer at Home with Baking Soda!

Is it true that you can cure cancer with baking soda?

Well, yes. And today I’m going to show you how.

It’s absolutely simple!

Take baking soda, flour and salt in a bowl. In another large bowl, add melted butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla and beat lightly.  Gradually beat in the flour mixture and combine. Add milk slowly, and combine. Put the mix in a pre-heated oven (350 degrees F/175 degrees C) for about 30-40 minutes, cool for 10 minutes and enjoy some delicious vanilla cake while reading the following rant on why home remedies for cancer don’t really work. (Complete recipe available on request!)

Every time I log on to facebook, I see at least one post about how “big pharma” is hiding the cure for cancer, which is X, to increase profits.

Now, X here, can be one of the following:

1.Baking soda

2. Grapes

3. Carrot juice

4. Vitamin B17 (LOL)

5. Black salve (Stay away from this)

6. Coconut oil (or specifically, lauric acid, a component of coconut oil)

7. Plenty of other random stuff

So, where do these social media scientists/concerned netizens/well-read researchers get these colourful ideas? Well, sometimes these ideas condense out of thin air like a magician conjuring rabbits from an empty hat. On most occasions, though, these ideas have some substance, actual scientific evidence that was a precursor to a bad interpretation and bad reporting. Old Wives’ Tales gone wrong, in the information age.

Why does it matter?

Because some of these articles can be persuasive enough to make people forego conventional treatment and go for a glass of coconut oil because an article on facebook convinced them to do so.

Also, they back their content with evidence: a peer-reviewed article about coconut oil killing cancer. I am not, however, criticising the article, it’s a perfectly okay article. Lauric acid (a component of coconut oil) does kill 90% of colon cancer cells. However, the lousy article on facebook skimmed over something crucial word in the original study: the words “in vitro”. This basically means that lauric acid kills 90% of colon cancer cells grown in a petri-plate, NOT WHEN INGESTED BY AN ORGANISM. The same argument can be extended to any cytotoxic compound, even cyanide, which would kill 100% of any cancer cell in vitro.


Speaking of cyanide, the new star of the sham campaign is vitamin B17 (not a vitamin, I swear). Vitamin B17 (pffft…), also known as laetrile, is the synthetic form of amygdalin, a compound naturally found in some nuts. According to Cancer Research UK, there is no evidence to support that laetrile cures cancer. Any evidence therefore, is anecdotal. And as a wise man once truly said, “The plural of anecdote is not data”. There is one study, however, where laetrile did kill cancer cells in vitro in the presence of an enzyme called glucosidase. Why? Because the enzyme breaks vitamin B17 down to produce cyanide. Yes, cyanide. Doesn’t sound too tempting now, does it?

What about baking soda, though? Well, the famous baking soda theory says that cancers cannot survive in an alkaline environment, so drinking a solution of baking soda can help you clear out cancer. Well, again, not entirely true. Baking soda is, for now, best used for baking (cupcakes, yay!).

Misinformation is running rampant on social media, and the results can be heartbreaking. A 1o-year-old girl in El Salvador died after her parents rejected conventional treatment for her liver cancer, opting for mud treatments rubbed on her abdomen and herbal teas, instead (story here). Another woman lost half of her nose while trying to use black salve (a corrosive herbal remedy) as a treatment for her skin cancer (story here: GRAPHIC CONTENT). And this doesn’t end with cancer treatment, there are multiple stories about how people mismanaged their illnesses, based on anecdotal hearsay.

Bottom line: Cancer is complex. If it wasn’t, we would’ve cured it long ago. No matter how smart you think you are, you must ALWAYS listen to a medical professional when it comes to your health. We are not controlled by big pharma, we are not hiding a cure, and we definitely don’t want to rip you off.  Conspiracies can be fun (I know you secretly love watching some David Icke videos for a good laugh), but please don’t make decisions on your health based on facebook stories or youtube videos. Okay? We love you.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post was sponsored by Big Pharma Industries



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